Did you know that dehydration can be a significant contributor to muscle cramps? Not obtaining enough water causes your blood flow to slow down, which  in turn causes muscle cramps.
👉Did you know that even 2% of dehydration impairs physical and mental performance?  Brain fog, inability to concentrate and mental arithmetic are only some of the symptoms associated with a 2% decline in total body water, as proven by several scientific studies.
👉Dehydration occurs when this water supply runs dry, plain, and simple🚱. Drinking enough water is all that’s required.🥤

Even minor dehydration💦 is uncomfortable. The disorder can lead to serious health problems in extreme cases.
Get to know your physical self. You can drown from a lack of water. The amount of water💦 you use should be monitored regularly, and regular checks should be scheduled.
Dehydration’s early symptoms, such as thirst 🥤, decreased urine, dry mouth, muscle weakness, low bp, and darker urine, may be easy to dismiss. But, if fluids aren’t supplied, the disease might worsen and cause other symptoms.
✅Infrequent but severe causes of dehydration include:
✅Due to insufficient hydration
✅Weariness from the Heat
✅Type 2 Diabetes 
✅Strenuous Exercise

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