World Autoimmune Arthritis Day…!!

Giving up is not an option; you can’t let your illness get the best of you!
👉 It’s #WorldAutoimmuneArthritisDay, so let’s get the word out! 
👉Did you know?
23million people are affected by autoimmune arthritis around the world.
👉Damage to healthy immune cells in the body and subsequent joint swelling characterise autoimmune arthritis.
👉Awareness of autoimmune arthritis and its associated issues is the focus of this annual event, held annually on May 20.
👉It is crucial to be informed of the serious signs and outcomes of this illness.
•    Tender, swollen joints.
•    Stiffness in the joints that is generally worse in the morning and after being still for a while.
•    Weakness
•     Fever,
•     Loss of appetite
👉Let’s get together to educate the public about this persistent illness.

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